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WWE Winner in over a 12 months considering that dropping

Each January, somebody wins the Royal Rumble match, earning the appropriate to problem for a Planet Title on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. This 12 months will not be any distinct. A single WWE superstar will defeat 29 other superstars and be declared the 2013 Royal Rumble winner.

So who has the best likelihood at profitable the Royal Rumble match? Although 30 superstars will have the option to win, I have narrowed the checklist down to 6 feasible winners.

The standards utilized to rank the 6 superstars are taking into thought what they are at the moment carrying out, how the win could reward them and backing from WWE administration.

Odds of every single superstar winning will be given and have been calculated and decided by the writer.

Regardless of whether it is Ryback being in the primary event and winning or WWE getting benefit of Daniel Bryan’s popularity, the Rumble winner will once yet again have the opportunity to primary-function WrestleMania.
Honorable Mentions

Wade Barrett

The former Intercontinental Winner should be getting a push to the main function scene. A Rumble get would surely assist that. Nonetheless, Barrett proceeds to lose to Kofi Kingston and other midcarders. There is not enough of a chance for Wade Barrett to get.

The Shield

The group is producing waves in the WWE with their assaults and claim to be shielding us from injustice. They ended up profitable in their initial shell out-per-see match, but that has been their only match. Their lack of knowledge makes it really not likely that any member of the Shield will win.
The Miz
Final 12 months The Miz entered No. 1 in the Rumble match and lasted more than 45 minutes. (picture courtesy of
Very last yr The Miz entered No. one in the Rumble match and lasted over forty five minutes. (photograph courtesy of

Odds of Winning – 25:1

The amazing 1 lately

grew to become a supporter favorite, but he usually is relegated to MizTV segments with out wrestling several matches. A Royal Rumble win would set Miz back again in competition for a World Title, and an additional possibility to headline WrestleMania.

Even so, there lies an concern regarding the Miz winning. He hasn’t been wrestling very often and has been demoted to struggling with 3MB when given a match. It would be very astonishing to see the Miz go from defeating jobbers with a different legend as a partner to winning the Royal Rumble match.

A while back, rumors were noted regarding the Miz getting elevated to the principal occasion scene. Although the Miz might have some fans in WWE management, his probabilities of successful the Royal Rumble match are just slightly better than most of the other 29 competition.
Will Sheamus be the following back again-to-back again Rumble winner? (image courtesty of
Will Sheamus be the subsequent again-to-back again Rumble winner? (image courtesty of

Odds of Winning – 15:1

The Great White has been trying to gain back again the Entire world Heavyweight Championship from the Large Demonstrate, but so considerably has been unsuccessful. A Rumble get for Sheamus would be reminiscent of very last yr when the initial at any time Irish-born WWE Winner won the match. It would make Sheamus the very first back again-to-again winner given that Stone Chilly Steve Austin in 1997 and 1998.

Nevertheless, Sheamus must not get the Royal Rumble this year. He was just in the major function scene and became stale and dull extremely swiftly. His goofy fan-friendly character is not interesting. He wants a split from the main occasion scene.

Unless of course WWE decides to give us an additional back-to-again Rumble winner, I extremely question Sheamus will gain. Then once again, it would display WWE conduite is undoubtedly powering Sheamus as a extended-time period best star.
Dolph Ziggler
Previous yr Ziggler challenged for the WWE title. This year, he could get the Rumble match. (Photo courtesy of
Final year Ziggler challenged for the WWE title. This yr, he may win the Rumble match. (Image courtesy of

Odds of successful - 10:1

Dolph Ziggler is at present principal eventing pay-for each-sights while the WWE Champion is out because of to damage. He is nevertheless Mr. Money in the Bank. So what would happen if Mr. Cash in the Bank won the Royal Rumble match for the very first time ever?

A Royal Rumble gain would confirm that WWE management sees Dolph Ziggler as the real offer. It would perform underneath the notion that Vickie and Dolph are splitting up so WWE can press Ziggler on his possess.

Then once again, Dolph Ziggler is Mr. Cash in the Financial institution so he doesn’t even require the gain. Must WWE squander the get on Mr. Funds in the Bank? Most likely not, but they do not have so a lot of far better selections.
John Cena

John Cena won the Royal Rumble in 2008

Odds of winning – four:one

John Cena has not been WWE Winner in over a 12 months considering that dropping the title to Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell 2011. He has not been Entire world Heavyweight Champion because April 2009.

Considering that dropping the title most just lately, John Cena carries on to principal event pay out-for every-sights, but without profitable gold. The Rumble would be the ideal option to allow Cena finish his quest to become the champ once more.

Hypothetically, John Cena could gain the Royal Rumble and confront the Rock (as lengthy Rock defeats CM Punk) for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. However, I do not want to see yet another Cena-Rock match as it ruins the thought of "once in a lifetime" from last calendar year.

Then again, WWE did just award Cena the Superstar of the Yr right after getting a single of the least successful years of his career. WWE would be enjoying it protected and despite the fact that it would damage previous year’s slogan, yet another match between John Cena and the Rock may draw massive figures once again.

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