Thursday, January 10, 2013

One particular of the Bellas appear in and choke Eve on the ropes

We open with a movie bundle highlighting the Rumble (of course) and the reality that the winner heads to WrestleMania for a principal event match of their picking.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the Pay-For each-Watch. Cole lets us know that the Metal Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship will be kicking things off tonight.

Globe Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Metal Cage Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Mark Henry vs Large Demonstrate

We go to the cage and out initial will come the World Heavyweight Champion. Out subsequent arrives Mark Henry followed by Huge Show.

The cage door is locked, and the bell rings. Bryan goes to climb the cage right away but Henry pulls him down and Demonstrate spears him. Show goes for the go over but Henry stops it. Demonstrate hits Henry with a pair of huge rights before taking him down with a running shoulder block. Henry rolls to the apron and stands up. Display splashes Henry from the cage wall, then does it again and a third time. Bryan goes to escape once again but Henry pulls him down and slams him to the mat.

Show hits Bryan with a couple of punches to the gut. Bryan tries to escape again, but Show pulls him down and hits him with a huge chop. Bryan attempts to chop Show, but Demonstrate shrugs it off and throws him into the cage. Demonstrate goes for the WMD but Bryan ducks and Display connects with the cage wall. Bryan kicks at Show’s knees but he’s taken right back again down to the mat. Display tosses Bryan into the corner and splashes him, but Bryan comes correct back again with a massive reduced dropkick to Show’s knee, then one to Henry’s face. Bryan lays into Henry with some rigid kicks to the upper body and then a massive 1 to the head. Bryan then hits Present with a reduced dropkick to the confront.

Bryan goes for the door but he’s stopped by Henry, who hits him with a huge clubbing blow across the back. Henry rakes Bryan’s face across the cage wall prior to slingshotting him challenging into the cage. Henry turns close to into a huge kick to the confront from Present. Present turns his focus to Bryan and tosses him into the cage wall. Bryan goes to escape, but Display pulls him down and slams him into the cage wall yet again.

Present beats Bryan down to the mat over and over again, then slams him into the wall once more. Show slams Bryan down to the mat tough and stares down at him.

Present picks Bryan up only to punch him proper again down to the mat. Henry is up and he hits Show with a couple of massive legal rights just before getting the large down with a proper hand. Henry stomps at Bryan prior to standing on his chest. Henry picks Bryan up and throws him into the cage wall and the crowd is receiving powering the champ. Bryan ducks a charging Henry and Henry flies right into the cage. Bryan goes for the pin but only will get two. Bryan will get up and he’s thrown from aspect to aspect by Massive Display repeatedly into cage partitions. Demonstrate calls for the chokeslam, but Bryan kicks it off. Bryan goes to the leading and connects with a massive tornado DDT. Bryan goes for the pin but he only will get a two count. Bryan locks in the LaBell lock on Display.

Henry is capable to crack up the submission try. Henry picks Bryan up to his ft and throws him into the cage wall once more before selecting him up. Show connects with the WMD on Henry and Henry drops Bryan. Display goes for the pin but Bryan breaks it up. Bryan goes to escape the cage but Demonstrate is up in the corner to stop him. Bryan is hanging above the cage but Show has him by the neck. Display pulls him again to the best of the cage but Bryan fights Demonstrate off with rights to the head. Bryan goes even more down but Demonstrate straddles the top of the cage. Demonstrate has Bryan by the wrist and Bryan is dangling over the floor. Show drops Bryan and the champ falls to the floor to retain.

Winner and Nevertheless World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Bryan celebrates with his title on the outdoors following the match. He’s up fairly speedily after splatting down on that mat on the flooring. The group has a fairly mixed reaction towards Bryan profitable.

- Cole suggests that if Bryan survives Elimination Chamber following thirty day period, he could principal occasion WrestleMania. This qualified prospects us right into and Elimination Chamber promo.

- We get a bit of buzz for John Cena vs. The Rock, given that the Highway to WrestleMania has started tonight. This qualified prospects us into a (too lengthy) video clip package permitting us know a tiny bit a lot more about this secret man John Cena, who really is an enigma.

All joking apart, the deal is actually nicely set with each other, and an fascinating seem at followers conversing about why they like or dislike Cena. It is also combined with footage of a young Cena. For filler, it is rather excellent, and I would expect they’ll play a comparable deal about the Rock later on in the show. The crowd boos at the finish of the movie.

Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly, Tamina, Alicia Fox and Eve Torres

We go to the ring and out will come the group of WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins. Out subsequent will come Kelly Kelly, Tamina, Alicia Fox and Eve Torres.

Natalya and Tamina start off issues off heading at it. They trade slaps ahead of Tamina chops her and headbutts her for a 2 count. Tamina tags in Eve and in she arrives with the booty pop and moonsault for two. Natalya rams Eve back again in the corner and tags in Beth. Beth goes again and forth with Eve. Eve connects with a kick and a clothesline. She goes for a back splash and Beth puts her knees up.

Beth works over Eve some more for yet another two count. One particular of the Bellas appear in and choke Eve on the ropes. Eve receives kicked in the confront and covered for another pin attempt. Bella with a chinlock now. Eve comes back again and tags in Alicia. Alicia will come in with a clothesline and a pair of dropkicks. Alicia stomps absent in the corner as the referee pulls her off. The Bellas change out and Alicia gets beat down in the corner now. Kelly lastly receives the tag and does the head scissors takedown. Kelly with the back elbow in the corner and then the bulldog for 2 as the other Bella broke it up. Natalya comes in and goes at it with Eve. Tamina joins in on the combat and all the Divas brawl on the floor. In the ring, Kelly Kelly climbs up best, then splashes on to the other Divas and the floor. Kelly arrives in the ring and goes at it with a single of the Bellas. Beth smacks the twin on the back and tags herself in. Beth nails the Glam Slam on Kelly for the gain.

- Cole and the announce team flip their consideration back again to the Rock/Cena match at WrestleMania, inquiring what condition will Cena be in following his match with Kane tonight. We get a recap of occasions on Raw in which Kane chokeslammed Zack Ryder through the entrance ramp. Ryder was taken out on a stretcher and King and Cole declared that he experienced a broken again before that was corrected on Smac

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